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Fashion New Favorite - Tencel Knitted Fabric

April 28,2023

Given its outstanding environmental friendliness and excellent texture, tencel knitted fabric, a new kind of sustainable fabric, has become a highly anticipated new favorite in the fashion business. Let's examine Tencel knitted materials' use in the fashion industry further.

What is Tencel knitted fabric?

Tencel is a fabric created from fibers of natural wood pulp, and it offers benefits including fine fiber fineness, high strength, efficient moisture absorption, and softness and coziness.Tencel knitted fabric  is a fabric created from Tencel fibers that has undergone knitting processing, retaining the natural properties of Tencel fibers but still having the supple, cozy, and elastic features of knitted fabrics.


The Application of Tencel Knitted Fabric in the Fashion Field

Tencel knitted fabric has durable applicability and can be applied in several fashion fields.


The following are several typical application scenarios:

1. Fashion casual clothing: The knitted tencel materials is soft, cozy, and breathable, making it the perfect material for manufacturing T-shirts and other casual shirts as well as other casual clothes.

2. Underwear, pajamas, and other intimate clothing: The body may be kept dry and comfortable thanks to the knitted tencel fabric's excellent moisture absorption and breathability. It is the appropriate fabric for personal apparel including underwear and pajamas.

3. Home Furnishings: A knitted fabric composed of tencel is soft and comfy, has great wrinkle resistance, is breathable and wicks away moisture. Making curtains, bedding, and other household items using it is a great idea.

Tencel knitted fabrics have a wide variety of applications in fashion design. It can make several clothing, such as T-shirts, skirts, pants, dresses, and so on. Tencel knitted fabric has a beautiful luster and texture, making it suitable for producing high-end fashion. Additionally, it may be dyed in a variety of hues and combined with other textiles and patterns to provide a variety of fashion trends.


Environmental friendliness of Tencel knitted fabrics

Tencel knitted fabric is extremely eco-friendly because it uses natural wood pulp as its primary raw material and doesn't add any chemicals to the process of creating it. In between, Tencel knitted fabric production utilizes closed-loop production technology, that minimizes environmental pollution by recycling and making the best use of water and solvents during the production process. Consequently, Tencel knitted fabric is known as the illustrative of "green fabric".

Future development

Due to its comfortable qualities and environmental friendliness, tencel knit fabric has a wide range of application possibilities in the fashion industry. Tencel fabric will become more and more well-liked as a sustainable option as customer demand for eco-friendly apparel rises. Meanwhile, with the constant progress of technology, the performance and characteristics of Tencel fabric will similarly continue to improve and innovate, bringing more possibilities and surprises to the fashion field.


A comfortable and environmentally friendly fabric with many potential uses is tencel knit. In the field of fashion, it has been broadly used in fields such as casual wear, underwear, and sportswear. It has acknowledged high praise from consumers. Tencel materials will grow in popularity in the future due to the rising desire for sustainable fashion.

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