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Thousand bird check knitted jacquard fabric: application in fashion field

April 26,2023

Knitted fabrics have always been one of the most popular materials in the fashion industry. Among these fabrics, Jacquard  is the most sought-after material, known for its unique pattern and excellent texture. In this article, we will discuss the use of Jacquard in fashion and why it has become the favorite of fashion designers.

Fashion item

The pattern of jacquard knitted fabric with thousand bird check

The bird check is a classic pattern that is always popular in the fashion industry. It is this timeless pattern that is the highlight of the jacquard knitted fabrics and is therefore widely used in fashion. The bird check pattern of this fabric is usually small, yet very colorful and easy to match. It can add a sense of fashion and sophistication to the entire garment and make it stand out


Texture of jacquard knitted fabric

In addition to the pattern, the texture of the jacquard knitted fabric is one of the reasons why it is so popular. The fabric is usually made from a blend of natural or synthetic fibers, which makes it soft and comfortable to the touch. It also has decent elasticity and durability and is not easily deformed or pilled even after multiple washes and wears. These features make jacquard knitted fabric one of the most popular fabrics in the fashion industry.

Thousand birds check knitting jacquard fabric in the field of fashion.

Knitted jacquard fabric is widely used in the fashion industry. It is often used to make dresses, pants, jackets, and other clothing items. These pieces usually have a small pattern of bird's eye check, and the color combination is diverse. They are also perfect for spring and fall due to the great texture and comfort of jacquard knits.


Sports equipment

In addition to its use in fashion, kilim knit jacquard fabric is also ideal for making sports equipment. The fabric has good elasticity and breathability, which can effectively absorb sweat and keep people dry and comfortable during sports. At the same time, the jacquard fabric is also wear-resistant and can effectively prevent damage caused by friction during sports. Therefore, many sports equipment brands use this fabric.


As a classic knitted fabric with excellent pattern and texture characteristics, jacquard is widely used in the fashion industry. Whether in fashion or sports equipment, jacquard fabrics can add fashion and sophistication to the entire garment while providing comfort and durability. For fashion designers, jacquard fabrics are an excellent choice to help them design better fashion items and sports equipment.

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